About Workflow IQ and Working Smarter


Welcome to Workflow IQ, the blog dedicated to working smarter by virtue of effective, simple workflow and business process fundamentals. I started this blog in reaction to complex IT and IS high-jacking of fundamental approaches to process and the work people do. That isn’t to say there isn’t a seat at the table for IT. There sure is. I just want to bring the conversation back to operations, analysis and leadership. I see business process management software as a tool and a service to leaders, managers and front-line staff and hope this blog promotes that point effectively. If ever there were a time to activate our finest application of fundamentals in order to become more innovative and competitive in the global marketplace, this is that time. If small business, government and the non-profit sector can follow in the footsteps of large enterpise, our economy, collective business success and ability to meet the needs of customers will be assured.

About the Author – I have a long-time passion for making systems work more efficiently and producing better outcomes. I believe strongly that the way we work is like anything else: it is subject to evolutionary principles and can improve organically, by accident, by force, or by reasoned deliberate examination and experiment.

My work and career have spanned social services, marketing, organizational management and leadership as well as consulting. I have worked closely with professionals in almost every sector of industry, government and non-profit work and have come to the simple conclusion that there are untold opportunities to enhance our IQ where workflow and business process are concerned. In the process, innovation, greater quality, customer satisfaction and work-life improve. Every time.

Developing an understanding of systems, dynamic change, interdependencies and the myriad ways we affect change in our work is at the heart of how I approach this blog. I hope you’ll join me in the conversation.



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