About Kapalign

Kapalign is a woman-owned consulting firm with an innovative approach to providing business process optimization consulting services. From our offices in Southern California, we leverage the tools and methodologies of Business Process Optimization and then package and deliver those services to clients who might otherwise find larger consulting firms’ extensive engagement times and high prices a poor fit. Kapalign consultants bring to bear between fifteen and twenty years’ professional experience and expertise in diverse fields such as healthcare operations, government programs, insurance, retail/hospitality and non-profit leadership. Our consultants apply their expertise in the analysis of business operations, group facilitation, business process/workflow analysis, elimination of waste, and continuous quality improvement to a myriad of business environments. Our consulting services are tailored specifically to the small and medium-sized organizations in the private for-profit, public, and non-profit sectors. Our approach involves greater use of web-based tools and a deeply-held conviction that our involvement will be efficient, affordable and—above all—effective.

Kathryn Alexandrei– Kathryn is a founding partner of Kapalign and senior consultant with experience leading business process improvement initiatives in a variety of industries. With over 15 years experience in leadership positions in the nonprofit, retail and services sectors, she is skilled in the identification, analysis, and resolution of diverse operational issues. Kathryn offers particular expertise to start-up organizations and the unique challenges they face establishing operations and business practices. Her career has featured orchestrating start-ups as well as elevating organizational performance through skillful restructuring, business process improvement initiatives, and building highly motivated teams. Kathryn believes firmly in the value of adhering to organizational vision and mission while positively impacting the bottom line with operational performance on a daily basis. Among her areas of subject matter expertise is project management, infrastructure development, workflow documentation and redesign, website development, relationship management, contract management, and performance management. Kathryn founded Kapalign Business Process Consulting in 2007 in order to provide professional consulting services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Kapalign’s approach to consulting engagements combines a commitment to effective, transparent collaboration with a dedication to design and evaluation methods that ensure quality, sustainability and growth.


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