Can BPM and Process-Driven Marketing & Sales Help Restore Your Consumers’ Confidence?

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Is it possible that BPM can have a positive impact on your organization’s consumers? The short answer is “yes”. I assume you watch the news and are well aware of the economic climate today. Between banks caving in and stocks spiraling downward, we have a lot to worry about and – if we’re working – a lot to be grateful for. As for worrying, keep some perspective. There are still may trillions of dollars to go around and so much of what we are experiencing is a function of “consumer confidence”. The trick is, what can you do about that level of confidence?

Process-Driven Confidence

Let’s look briefly at the benefits of BPM and BPA:

  • agility and flexibility
  • improved service levels (including self-service)
  • elimination of wasteful activities
  • greater efficiency
  • improved production and productivity
  • faster time-to-market with new products for new markets
  • enhanced quality
  • ease of automation and implementation of new product features based on customer preference

The list goes on. We know that. There are some critical questions to answer this week:

  • Do your customers know?
  • Do your sales people know?
  • Is your organization applying process improvements in marketing and sales to become more efficient there?

I assure you that your organization is not immune from consumer confidence concerns. Do these simple things beginning this week:

  1. Train your marketing staff in process management. Look for savings, eliminate waste, and generally help them become faster, stronger and above all smarter. Look into new markets now.
  2. Train your sales team. A crash course in making the journey from lead to prospect to customer a short and pleasant one is called for. There is often a lot of waste in the sales process. Jump on this.
  3. Get more leads and prospects (inputs) into the pipeline.
  4. Get more proposals (outputs) out the door
  5. Invite consumers (customers) to provide you their input now. This is the Voice of the Customer so important to Lean and frankly so important to your business. When did you last solicit your most important customer’s input, advice and feedback? If it’s been more than 6 months, take them to lunch this week.
  6. Collaborate with your marketing team to let your market know about your BPM gains. If you’re more efficient, tell prospects how much more efficient. You get the idea. Let your market know what you’re capable of but begin by letting your marketers and sales force know.

Focus on your own agility during troubled times, renew your own confidence and shore up your consumer’s confidence in you. Don’t lose sight of what gives people confidence in you. If you don’t know that, then you have more homework than you bargained for.

What are you doing to raise your customer’s confidence in your offerings?


2 responses to “Can BPM and Process-Driven Marketing & Sales Help Restore Your Consumers’ Confidence?

  1. Great post! I agree with your admonitions on improving process but especially want to highlight the step of communicating your efforts to the market. The more clearly you talk about intangibles like process, networks and capabilities (the backbone of intellectual capital), the easier it will be for the market to “see” what you are doing–and give you credit for your successes.

  2. Patrick Joseph Gauthier

    Thanks, Mary. This is the kind of approach one can achieve when they “spread the wealth” and avoid making the mistake of assigning BPM or KM or IC to a single department or function like IT. These are organizational capabilities and approaches and shouldn’t be assigned to specialized people divorced from the remainder of the organizational mainstream.

    Thanks again and all the best


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