Why Workflow?

Most of the time, people consider workflow and business process analysis when they’re faced with the need to automate what they do or prepare for a system conversion. I was introduced to workflow analysis by my old CIO friends. Upon sitting through a training with a room full of systems engineers, I was struck by how people like me (management and operations) could leverage this approach to accomplish a lot of different objectives.

Not Just for IT Anymore

Despite my glow at realizing workflow could be harnessed to support the widest array of initiatives, it remains glued in most peoples’ minds to systems and technology. I think that’s a shame. I will continue to spread the good word and hope you’ll join me in revolutionizing how this approach can be extended into the life of an organization. The spread requires a great deal of story-telling and sharing results.

Tell me how you’ve used your workflow intelligence…skip the IT and systems implications for now. There are so many good reasons why.


One response to “Why Workflow?

  1. I applied workflow analysis to sort and set in order all the materials I use for daily activities. Then I put those materials in bins, that only come out when I perform the task. I have study bins, a cleaning bin, a vitamin’s bin, a bathroom bin, etc.

    People’s homes are made to store things at their point of use, but if you survey all the items that people keep out on counters, and the abundance of storage that they rely on, you’ll see complicated systems that require a lot of maintenance. My household systems are easy-to-maintain, efficient, orderly, clean, and effective, thanks to, err, plastic bins, and some time I spent working out exactly what I do at home, and what I need in order to do it.

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