Welcome to WorkflowIQ

I want to welcome readers and bloggers to this ongoing discussion and invite you to post your comments and provide as many answers as you see fit. I expect we’re going to have fun and learn alot from each other.

Those of us charged with running units, departments and organizations of all sizes are becoming much more sensitive to the need for improvement on many different levels. WorkflowIQ is about adaptation to obstacles, the environment and a variety of other drivers for change.

Because there so many of us and none of us has all the answers, I am hoping this blog can serve the purpose of facilitating conversation and collaboration in the spirit of kindness and sympathetically wanting the other to succeed. Sharing our brilliance with each other in an unrestrained way is not a threat. It is a wonderful opportunity to promote growth, open exchange and innovation.

That said, the next time you’re faced with an opportunity to improve what you do and you either want to ask for input and feedback or want to offer some ideas up to the field so others might benefit, please stop by and let us know what’s on your mind. Together, we can work smarter and reveal our work, service, and product at its very best – no matter what kind of work we do.


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